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Precision Spirits: Bespoke Box Distillery is the 2nd wing of the Edinburgh-based Precision Spirits Ltd company. After graduating from University with Master’s Degrees in Chemical Engineering Luke and Guy spent some time researching deeper into the alcohol industry, looking for a gap that they could exploit and put their skills and education to the test. Over the next 18 months we created the Gin Spritzer, a canned Ready-To-Drink (RTD) product boasting exceptional flavour, containing natural ingredients and a sub-100 calorie count. Not to be confused with the Hard Seltzer product, the Gin Spritzer contains our own-recipe craft gin, our homemade lemonade and is blended together with low-calorie tonic water which we cold-macerate with a host of fruits and botanicals to extract as much flavour as possible. We currently have 2 Gin Spritzer products on our webshop and throughout our local suppliers. You can check that out by clicking here!

For us, alcohol is a blank canvas, and ingredients are the paint. With an infinite number of flavour combinations available we want to create exciting, novel, and great-tasting products for years to come. Each experience should be unique and we want to encourage our friends, customers and partners to take pride in their choices. And with Bespoke and Custom, we can help to share these experiences and ideals in a more personable way, directly with you.

Our goal is to help bring people together, to offer thoughtful items and packages that will be truly appreciated and help to make the special day or event that little bit more unique. If this is something you’re looking for, contact us here and we’ll do everything we can to turn your ideas into reality.

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